This is a question a lot of patients have asked me, here is the story.

Growing up I had horrible migraine headaches that were there day after day, year after year.

I really believed living with migraine headaches was normal because I don’t recall living without headaches. Then in high school my Father forced me to see a Chiropractor, I didn’t have neck pain or back pain; I didn’t want to see the Chiropractor but he insisted. I went, three months later the migraines were gone! My marks in school improved, my social life improved and I became a very fast swimmer taking home trophies race after race.

A few years later I referred my best friend’s 57-year-old Mother to see the Chiropractor who only had 3 weeks left to live. Six weeks later I saw her outside the Chiropractor’s office, she was skipping down the sidewalk just like a little girl! I called out her name hoping it was her and it was. A few minutes later her seven kids cried and thanked me for saving their Mother’s life by sending her to the Chiropractor. Her husband with tears in his eyes thanked me for talking him into doing it. I asked her what the other doctors said was wrong. She said they didn’t know and told her whatever it was her body solved the problem. I asked her what happened, she said as soon as the Chiropractor started adjusting me I started to feel better and better, now the problem is gone. She said I have my life back, my family has their Mother back in good health thanks to you. I told her if he can do that to you, I can do that to others.

That is why I became a Doctor of Chiropractic,
I want to make positive changes in people’s lives.