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What is a Subluxation?

In very simple terms, a subluxation is a misaligned spinal bone in the neck or the back that pinches or irritates nerves. It does not have to be painful. It alters messages the brain sends to the body. It weakens that area, and in time, that area becomes weaker and weaker until it is damaged. Once that area is damaged, it will produce pain and problems. The pain and problems will eventually lead to a disease. It is very well known that diseases can shorten your life span and/or decrease the quality of your life.

If a Subluxation Continues To Weaken My Health, Can It Be Fixed? In most cases, yes. The longer you have a subluxation the longer it takes to correct. Just like a cavity, your spinal bones will decay, complicating the healing process. Many people will start care and start feeling wonderful, then they stop before the subluxations are corrected. It is just as if a 14-year-old girl took off her braces before her teeth were straight. The teeth will slowly return to their old position. The same is true for the spinal bones. The person’s problem slowly returns. Then they are disappointed and complain that Chiropractic did not help. The same is true once the subluxations are corrected, just like teeth. When the Orthodontist removes the braces and the person refuses to wear retainers, the teeth will return to their old position. Once your subluxations are corrected the Chiropractor will see you less often. He wants to make sure you stay corrected so that your body will work to the best of its ability.

Is it just back pain, neck pain, and maybe headaches that Chiropractors are famous for? Is it just for people who have been in a car accident or who have been hurt at work? What about the couch potato or the senior citizen who has bad posture and a host of other problems? The truth is, none of the above and all of the above! You may have all sorts of problems but the Chiropractor will accept your case only if you have a subluxation. In many cases, the pain and problems will decrease or completely go away. That is alright, but our goal is different, it is to correct subluxations. Once your nerves are working correctly your body should work to the best of its ability. We want you and your family to be healthy. You can not be healthy if you have subluxations.

What about the person who looks good and feels good, can he have a subluxation that may decrease his health? Yes! We take care of athletes who have no pain yet have subluxations. The result is increased performance, increased health and happiness. Coaches depend upon us!

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