As it is written …

How much pressure on a spinal nerve is too much? As you know the brain and the spinal nerves control the entire body. The brain communicates to your body by means of nerves. Your spinal nerves carry the vast majority of these signals. When your nerves work correctly your body will function to the best of its ability. However research starting with Dr. Suh at the University of Colorado at Boulder doing research for the National Institute of Health, later it was followed up by Dr. Shortless, it was repeated three decades later by the Woman’s University of Texas. This is what they found. The weight of a dime for 15 minutes on a spinal nerve decreased the function of that nerve by 60%.

That means only 40% function remains. It’s like listening to your favorite 33 rpm record at a speed 60% slower. The music on the record player is the same but it sounds totally different, it may not even sound like music. Over time a typical person who has had this problem might say things like this: “I’m tired, I’m sore, I don’t have any energy. I can’t keep up with my Grandkids no matter what I do. I have trouble walking, my body is slowing down, I’m in pain, I’m depressed and I get sick a lot.”

If the nerves in the lower back had decades of spinal pressure their legs become weaker and weaker. There bladder and intestines slowly lose control. Before they know it, they are worn out, their body is working at 40% or less. They soon enter a nursing home. I recommend that you and your entire family be checked for this condition by highly trained professional, you’re Doctor of Chiropractic.