Do you want fast, effective Chiropractic care by experienced, highly trained, licensed Doctors of Chiropractic? If so you have come to the right place. We have been highly recommended for the past 30 years by word of mouth from all over the Upstate!

If you would like to be a New Patient please call us the old fashioned way (864-583-8113). By doing so we will take all the necessary time to listen to you, understand your problem and do our best to help you.

If you are a returning patient, just call us, we will be happy to see you!


The body heals better and faster under Chiropractic care.
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Dr. John Bourgeois, Chiropractor has an extensive Chiropractic background with 30 years of experience right here is Spartanburg SC.  My partner and wife, Chiropractor Dr. Beverly Bourgeois also has an extensive Chiropractic background with 14 years experience and 12 years of nursing experience (Bachelor of Nursing Degree – USC Upstate). Together we make a great Chiropractic team; we are ready and willing to help.

When you sit down with your Chiropractor you will be asked a lot of questions, your Chiropractor will repeat your answers back in a way that you know your Chiropractor has understood you.  You will notice your Chiropractor will speak to you in English, not in medical terminology that is difficult to understand. After the Chiropractor understands your personal history and your presenting problem the next step is a Chiropractic exam to locate the cause of your problem.  Your Chiropractor will explain everything to you step by step and we hope to amaze you on how your Chiropractor can pin point your problem.  After your exam, your Chiropractor will need to see what your problem looks like in greater detail, if necessary x-rays will be taken.  Once the x-rays are taken your Chiropractor will use that information like a map or a GPS to help solve your problem.  If possible your Chiropractor will start right away, now if your problem demands more study your Chiropractor may start helping the following day. After your Chiropractor starts working with you expect a phone call that evening from your Chiropractor because your Chiropractor wants to know how you are responding to care.



Chiropractic care is beneficial for your entire family, regardless of age or condition.
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The next visit will be your Report of Findings visit.  Your Chiropractor will explain all exam and x-ray findings in great detail and in simple English. If you need care that day your Chiropractor will give it to you.  If necessary, on the following visit, your Chiropractor will see how you are responding to Chiropractic care. Then your Chiropractor will give you your plan of care so that you will receive the best possible results!  Chiropractic care is amazingly affordable.

.... STRESS ....

Chiropractic care has been shown to help your body deal well with stress.
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This is a list of conditions that Chiropractic patients have had success with:

*  Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Sinus Headaches
*  Stress, Pinched Nerves
*  Sinus problems; Chronic pain syndromes; fibromyalgia
*  Pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, hand
*  Numbness and tingling in the shoulder, arm or hand.
*  Pain in the middle back; breathing problems including asthma
*  Low Back Pain; Disc problems
*  Leg pain; sciatic pain; leg cramps
*  Many childhood problems including scoliosis
*  Car, truck and sports Injuries and Accidents
*  We have a special program for pain-free athletes or athletes in pain who wish to obtain maximum performance.

We love a challenge in our Chiropractic Clinic,
so please challenge your Chiropractor(s)!

Office Hours:


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Athletic Performance and Athletic Injuries

respond very well to Chiropractic care.
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