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What To Expect

Your First Visit:

You will fill out the initial paperwork, it’s easy. Then, you will have a consultation with the doctor(s). An examination will be done to see if you have a subluxation(s). If subluxations are present, the necessary x-rays will be taken. Then, the doctors will get to work. They will analyze your x-rays, your exam results and they will determine exactly how to help you. A follow-up appointment will be set up for you as soon as possible so that you can review your results.

Your X-Ray Report:

You will discover the results of your examination and x-rays. You will see your very own x-rays, they will be compared to normal x-rays. If you qualify, you will receive your first adjustment. Once it is discovered how you respond to your adjustments, only then you will receive the doctors very best recommendations. That may take place on the following visit.

Methods of Payment:

Payment for services is due on the first two visits until insurance is verified.
We accept personal checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover Card.

We do not work with HMO’s.

If all you want is rushed, assembly line treatment, then we ask you to look for someone else. We will give you our undivided attention and care, we will do everything possible to make you happy with each and every visit.

Average cost for the following services:

*Senior citizens pay less for their care, please contact the office.

  • Consultation, always free.
  • Examination, $ 65 for a non-traumatic case. (One-time fee to see if you qualify as Chiropractic patient)
  • X-Rays start at $140 for a non-traumatic case.
  • Adjustment, $45 for one or two areas of adjustment.

Note: Fees are subject to change, they reflect reasonable and customary fees for this area. Other fees may occur that may not be listed above. Fees will be explained to you in advance of any procedure.