As it is written …

The other day one of my patients asked me “Why is it so exciting to be a Chiropractor?” I love that question because most people believe Chiropractors just pop bones, in time that can be extremely boring. The answer is that Chiropractors as a whole take pressure off the nerves, nerves control the body; we do so to allow the body to perform better. Most health professionals believe that better performance of the human body equals better health. It’s exciting to see swimmers who are pain-free, that have their nerve pressure removed swim faster and faster; you get to see how excited the swimmer is along with both Mom and Dad! To see a runner run faster, to see another runner run faster without breathing problems just because pressure was released from their nervous system that allowed their body to perform better.

Later when the swimmer’s Great Grandfather arrives in the office who can barely walk, you realize the whole family is worried because he is just a few months away from being in a nursing home. After being adjusted he gradually starts walking on his own, he is smiling, he is sleeping better, he is telling jokes just because his body in performing better without nerve pressure. It’s exciting to see changes not only with one person in the family performing better but how it can affect everyone in the entire family. Now that’s exciting even after 35 years in practice!

If Mom’s body performs better the whole family is happy, isn’t that right Mom or should I say, Dad.