Chiropractic care is beneficial for your entire family, regardless of age or condition.
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Once one family member starts Chiropractic care other want in as soon as possible. That’s the way it started in my family. My Mother had a bad back, and then my Father started with his bad neck. Then my older sisters started with different problems. My older brother didn’t have any problems but my Father discovered Chiropractic could improve his performance; he missed the Olympics by a blink of the eye. I had horrible migraines, they are gone, and my younger brother had all kind of problems. My youngest brother slept so much better when he was adjusted. Our entire family improved.

How Can You Tell If You Or A Family Member Has A Subluxation?

Look At Your Posture!

Stand in front of the mirror with your feet about six inches apart. Look straight ahead, close your eyes and don’t open your eyes until you are finished. Bend your head forward, chin to your chest. Then, lift up your head and chin and tilt your head back as far as possible. After that return your head to normal, as if you are looking straight ahead. Don’t move. Now open your eyes and do not move. Just look at your self. See if your head is tilted to the right or left, see if it is rotated to one side or the other. If so, there is a great probability that you have a subluxation. Next, look at your shoulders, is one higher than the other? If so, you may have a subluxation in the mid or lower neck region.

Without moving your body, place your hands on top of your hips. If one is higher than the other, it is very possible you have one or more subluxations in your lower back. After you complete this, make a note of it. Next, check your spouse, your children, your brothers, sisters, and parents. Next, decide who has the worst problem, make an appointment for a computerized postural analysis. If we accept this person, stand back and watch as he/she improves.

If you do this, you may discover that you are straighter when feeling good and distorted when feeling bad. If that is the case you are suffering from subluxations. You need to see your Chiropractor now. Also, check your family members when they are feeling bad. If they show signs of subluxations, the best thing you can do is to schedule them for an appointment. Give us a call.

You may discover that everyone except one or two in a family has one shoulder higher than the other. This is common because subluxations run in families. You inherit your family’s strengths and weaknesses. If your children have signs of subluxations, get them checked now. After all, as a twig is bent, so grows the tree.

.... STRESS ....

Chiropractic care has been shown to help your body deal well with stress.
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Sadly, we hear that every day. Yes, at times we are the very last resort. They really have been everywhere. The end result, medical bills stacked to the roof. Now we have a person that is sick and tired of being sick and tired. At this point, they are desperate, apathetic, and in disbelief that anyone can help. In most cases that we have experienced this problem has been overlooked. Chiropractors are the experts. They are the skilled professionals that are highly trained to detect and correct this problem. If this person has a subluxation we will more than likely accept their case. By reducing the nerve pressure, the body is more able to rebuild itself and the person is likely to respond. We will never know unless we try. Never ever give up, or decide to live with it, unless you have seen a Doctor of Chiropractic. Please, make an appointment now.

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