As it is written …

As a University student in Montreal, I attended a Chiropractic Seminar in the ’70s when I heard surprising and exciting research describing how pressure on spinal nerves caused problems in the organs they were connected to. It said the organs were damaged as much as the nerves were damaged, the longer the nerve pressure the greater the damage. The research was called the Windsor Report written by Henry Windsor MD published in The Medical Times. At that time I thought Chiropractic only helped people with headaches, neck and back pain, was I wrong! Dr. Windsor used 50 random cadavers, he documented 139 diseased organs; he traced the nerves back to the spine from each diseased organ. There was evidence of nerve pressure in each nerve.

I was shocked, I had to learn more.

Guyton’s Physiology (study of how the body works) textbook showed the nerve pathways in detail. Other research papers described how the stomach is controlled by the nerves in the middle back along with the pancreas, gall bladder, etc. Research also described how the lower back not only controlled the muscles locally but it also controlled the bladder, sex glands, kidneys, and intestines. The nerves of the neck control the shoulders, arms, and even the heart. That was amazing. Along with the brain the spinal nerves controls the entire body.

As a Chiropractor I know when I take pressure off nerves, the nerves work better, the body performs better. No matter what, your body always performs better without nerve pressure. As a Chiropractor, it’s exciting to see how each and every person responds!