Today more and more parents are looking for Chiropractors to help their children. Minor misalignments in the neck and back can produce nerve pressure that may cause problems in newborns as in sleep disturbances, breathing problems, chronic infections, allergic reactions, and colic. Chiropractors have special training to help children relieve nerve pressure in children. Simple things can cause these misalignments as in always holding their head to one side when sitting. Simple falls, jars with their heads turns the neck into a shock absorber can also cause these misalignments.

Later in life, many misalignments (subluxations) will occur when they learn to sit, crawl, walk and run and as they grow older activities like sliding boards, biking, skating, and traumas can cause subluxations that put pressure on the nerves. This is an important time of their life to be seen by a Doctor of Chiropractic.

You are invited to bring your children to be checked by one of our experienced doctors. The Chiropractors job is to reduce nerve pressure so that your body can work to the best of its ability.