Do you know why every NFL team has chiropractors, why most NBA, NHL teams also have Chiropractors?  Why are 72% of PGA golfers also under Chiropractic care? The answer is simple, Chiropractic care improves performance.   New England Patriots Tom Brady stated, “As long as I see my Chiropractor I feel as if I am one step ahead of the game.”

To increase performance you must increase the function of the nervous system; the master system that controls your body.  Your brain controls the body, most of the nerves travel from your brain to your body through the spinal bones in your neck and back.  If any one of those bones move out of alignment, causing slight pressure on a nerve, the nerve decreases in function, so does the part of the body it controls. Chiropractors call that a subluxation.   Directly after taking pressure off a nerve, a procedure that is called an adjustment, the nerve function improves, the part the nerve controls also functions better. All this can happen with or without pain.

Studies at the University of Colorado and the Woman’s University of Texas  (Spine: January 15, 1999) discovered the weight of a dime (10 mm Hg) on spinal nerve decreases the function of that nerve by 40-60% in minutes. Many times after an adjustment your arms, legs, and lungs improve almost instantly.  Most athletes will tell you how much stronger they feel after being adjusted. Now you can understand why they can run faster, throw and catch a ball faster and have greater endurance because they can breathe better.

Younger athletes are also at risk for subluxation:  They are still developing, they are less coordinated, they have slower reaction time they are more susceptible to injuries.  If you have two athletes, both with similar abilities, the one under Chiropractic care is usually the winner. Just ask Bradly Wiggins, Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt; the fastest cyclist, the fastest swimmer and the fastest runner on planet earth, they all use Chiropractic care.

Older athletes who what to be highly active do so by eliminating pain by decreasing pressure on their nerves; it is also known to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance.  It not only helps them improve their game but it also improves their overall health. We call this High-Performance Care, welcome to Chiropractic care.

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