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As It Is Written – 3

As it is written …How much pressure on a spinal nerve is too much? As you know the brain and the spinal nerves control the entire body. The brain communicates to your body by means of nerves. Your spinal nerves carry the vast majority of these signals....

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As It Is Written – 2

As it is written …As a University student in Montreal, I attended a Chiropractic Seminar in the ’70s when I heard surprising and exciting research describing how pressure on spinal nerves caused problems in the organs they were connected to. It said the...

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As It Is Written – 1

As it is written …The other day one of my patients asked me “Why is it so exciting to be a Chiropractor?” I love that question because most people believe Chiropractors just pop bones, in time that can be extremely boring. The answer is that Chiropractors...

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